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Chambers USA 2008 Nationally Recognizes Firm's Practices

Mon, 06/16/2008

HOUSTON (June 16, 2008) —  Chambers and Partners USA 2008: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business has named more than two-dozen of Bracewell & Giuliani LLP’s practices as among the best in the nation, including Climate Change, Energy, Financial Services, Native American Law and Infrastructure. The guide also singled out 37 of the firm’s attorneys in recognition of their professional excellence and quality client service.

Independent and objective, Chambers USA is a carefully researched directory of the most highly recommended lawyers in the United States.  Its rankings are based on thousands of interviews with leading practitioners and clients from coast to coast. The following is a summary of Chambers USA’s rankings of the firm and its attorneys. Please note the practice areas and individual attorneys are ranked in bands from 1-6, with 1 being the best.

(Practice Areas/Individual Attorneys)
Climate Change (Band 3)
Energy (Band 3)
Financial Services Regulation: Broker Dealer Regulation (Band 3)
            Julian Rainero (Band 3)
Financial Services Regulation: Financial Institutions M&A (Band 3)
            Sanford Brown (Band 2)
            William T. Luedke IV (Band 3)
Native American Law (Band 3)
            Nancy J. Appleby (Band 2)
Transportation: Road (Infrastructure) (Band 3)

Energy: Electricity (Band 5)
            Jeffrey D. Watkiss (Band 5)
Energy: Oil & Gas (Band 4)
            Charles H. Shoneman (Band 2)
Environment (Band 4)
            Jeffrey R. Holmstead (Band 3)
            Scott H. Segal (Band 5)
            Lisa M. Jaeger (Up and coming)
            Nancy Wodka (Band 3)

            Evan D. Flaschen (Band 4)

Banking & Finance (Band 1)
            William Hayes (Band 1)
            Mark C. Evans (Band 2)
            Dewey J. Gonsoulin, Jr. (Band 3)
            Heather Brown (Band 3)
            Catherine Ozdogan (Up and coming)
Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Band 4)
            Samuel M. Stricklin (Band 3)
            Marcy Kurtz (Band 4)
Corporate/M&A (Band 3)
            Edgar Marston (Band 2)
            Gregory Bopp (Up and coming)
Energy & Natural Resources (Band 2)
            G. Alan Rafte (Band 2)
            Walter Keneally (Up and coming)
Energy & Natural Resources: Dispute Resolution (Band 3)
            Clifford Gunter (Band 1)
Environment (Band 2)
             Tracy Hester (Band 2)
            Timothy A. Wilkins (Band 4)
Intellectual Property (Band 4)
            Albert Kimball (Band 3)
            Constance Gall Rhebergen (Band 3)
Labor & Employment (Band 3)
            Robert E. Sheeder (Band 1)
            Amy Karff Halevy (Band 3)
            J. Tullos Wells (Band 3)
Litigation: Appellate
            Warren W. Harris (Band 3)
Litigation (Band 3)
            Clifford Gunter (Band 2)
            J. Brett Busby (Up and coming)
Projects (Band 3)
            G. Alan Rafte (Band 3)
            Mark C. Evans (Band 4)
            Thomas Moore III (Band 4)
Real Estate (Band 2)
            Clark Thompson, Jr. (Band 2)
            Aaron Roffwarg (Up and coming)
Tax (Band 3)
            R. Joe Hull (Band 4)
Technology: Corporate & Commercial (Band 4)
            Thomas D. Manford III (Band 3)

For more information about Bracewell and the nationally recognized legal services, visit Chambers and Partners website at http://www.chambersandpartners.com/.