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News today travels at an ever-faster speed: The 24/7 cable news cycle; “breaking” news anywhere, anytime, via cell phones and Blackberries; increasingly influential news analysis and opinion, courtesy of the burgeoning blogosphere; and the latest phenomenon, the global video forum YouTube. Thanks to the satellites above us and the fiber-optics below us, we now have news – and spin – on steroids and at our fingertips.

One result of our dynamic media world is that decision-makers in the corporate arena and across all branches of government are increasingly aware of public debate and sentiment on a host of issues. In this environment, successfully advocating for our clients requires that we be “ahead of the story” to ensure that our client’s voice is clearly and persuasively heard by stakeholders in industry, the investment community, the public sphere and within the halls of government.

We serve major U.S. and multinational companies in many industries. Our clients have diverse needs and face challenging issues. A key factor that sets our strategic communications team apart from other world-class public affairs firms is that our team includes both attorneys and government relations professionals. This combination of substantive legal acuity and media savvy allows us to respond promptly and effectively to what often are high-profile, sensitive and legally-complex developments.

Our Strategic Communications specialists consistently demonstrate their unique capability to provide a wide range of services and improve the public position of their clients, including:

  • Coalition Support
  • Crisis Communications
  • Issues Advocacy
  • Litigation Support
  • Media Relations