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As the climate change discussion has moved from international agreements and overseas regulation to increasingly serious work on significant federal, state and local regulation, the issue has left the research lab and entered the corporate boardroom. Legislators, investors and the public have turned an intense spotlight on the carbon dimension of corporate development plans and corporate readiness, prompting leading companies in energy, waste management, chemicals, technology and manufacturing to view climate change as a core issue in corporate strategy.

Our bench is deep and highly regarded. It includes the most sought-after media commentators on climate change, the regulatory strategists and compliance professionals with substantial government experience, seasoned white-collar defense attorneys, and a noteworthy team of corporate advisors on board-level environmental issues. For example, Jeff Holmstead was the longest-serving Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where he was responsible for designing and implementing the regulatory programs that are now being used to regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under the Clean Air Act, and was previously a member of the White House Staff involved in developing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), which still governs international negotiations on climate change issues. Lisa Jaeger served as Acting General Counsel and Deputy General Counsel at EPA, where she oversaw all legal matters, including the agency's position on GHG regulation under the Clean Air Act. Scott Segal is a highly sought after commentator on climate change legislation and regulation by the mainstream and trade media and industry, and is noted by Chambers as a public policy advocate who is "a mover and shaker and a true student of proceedings on the Hill." Kevin Ewing is a noted authority in the field of climate risk disclosure by public companies and in the assessment of climate change issues in federal permitting for new projects. 

Our climate change team works with key opinion leaders and policymakers to help shape the agenda on climate change — in Congress, in the Executive Branch, in the media, in the courtroom and in the boardroom. We provide senior corporate leadership with a unique array of integrated services that includes policy development, advocacy before federal departments and agencies, congressional relations, media outreach, regulatory counseling, corporate governance and litigation.

Our attorneys enable clients to recognize, understand and deal with climate change challenges and opportunities that result from both day-to-day operations and strategic initiatives. Inside the boardroom, we help directors understand the effects of climate change and related legislation on the company's operations, cost structures and growth plans. We assist senior management in developing appropriate strategies for risk mitigation and the pursuit of new opportunities, and we help execute those strategies externally through strategic communications with the government and the public. In the commercial arena, our team of professionals advises on the climate change aspects of major transactions, financings and project development.