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Our attorneys have long experience in highly specialized types of financing arrangements.  Frequently, these involve complex arrangements in which physical or financial assets are securitized in packages of debt securities.  Such transactions often include the use of derivatives, swaps and collateralized debt instruments.

In the area of structured finance, our lawyers negotiate and document the purchase of derivative securities through trust and partnership structures.  Underlying assets range from aircraft and maritime vessels, to such financial instruments as automotive financing, energy production payments and synthetic leases.

Our work in this area is not limited to securitization — it also encompasses hedging arrangements, partnership financing and preferred stock issuances.  The full range of our financing work includes:

  • Agricultural loans for agribusiness companies and cooperatives
  • Aircraft financing
  • Credit and equity financing for energy project development on tribal lands governed by Indian law
  • Maritime Administration finance transactions and other types of loans involving seaworthy vessels
  • Volumetric and dollar denominated oil and gas production payments
  • Capital leases and synthetic lease transactions covering tangible and intangible property
  • Minority interest partnership financing and deconsolidated partnership financing
  • Preferred stock financing
  • Financing for forward sales of oil and gas
  • Gas and liquids storage financing
  • Commodity, interest rate and currency hedging arrangements and other derivative instruments.