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We advise owners, syndicators, underwriters and investors on all forms of development project financing, using conventional lending and unconventional sources such as syndications, synthetic leases, securitizations, private placements and real estate investment trusts (REITs).  Our lawyers facilitate clients in evaluating real estate and facility portfolios and converting debt and expense liabilities to maximize asset value.  We guide clients through complex structured financing alternatives, develop and analyze lease versus ownership advantages, and identify tax and economic incentives.

We represent commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies and other lenders in making construction loans for securitization or portfolio investment.  We handle transactions across the U.S. and on a variety of commercial, office and mixed-use ventures that involve both new construction and conversion of existing structures.

Our attorneys draft and negotiate construction, engineering and procurement contracts for a wide variety of projects.  We analyze and advise on issues such as performance and schedule guarantees, liquidated damages, indemnity provisions and insurance requirements.  We also analyze and negotiate rights relating to defective or nonconforming work, unforeseen conditions, time extensions, additional compensation, progress and final payments, project closeout, warranty claims and lien claims.  When disputes arise, our lawyers resolve design and defect claims, mechanic's lien disputes, and claims involving payment and performance bonds, warranties and alleged deceptive trade practices.