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Interactive games and other forms of new media have emerged as cornerstones of the modern entertainment industry. The convergence of advanced technologies, emerging digital distribution channels and the established market appeal of new media has created a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs and established players alike. Bracewell attorneys have developed a practice advising clients looking to play a role in this exciting new arena.

Our attorneys have experience with all phases of the development and commercialization of new media properties, including video games. Early in the process, we can help form the right legal entity on which to build a successful company. Our lawyers can also assist in all aspects of game and entertainment property finance, including the representation of start-up companies seeking funding and the representation of investors seeking to acquire a stake in particular titles or the firms that develop them. In the video game space, we work with developers (including independent developers) in procuring license rights and content, contracting with third party programmers and artists, and navigating distribution options. We have experience with in-game advertising, drafting terms of use and privacy policies, and the complex business and licensing arrangements that go into making successful games. Whether the title in question is a casual game for a mobile platform or a massive multiplayer online game, our attorneys can help.