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Fueled by a morass of competitive media and a volatile political climate, discussions of serious policy issues often provide, unfortunately, more heat than light. “Getting it right” the first time is therefore essential to success. We do our homework – researching the issues and conferring with respected, independent experts – to focus media messages that soundly and persuasively support our client’s position on important, and sometimes controversial, policy matters and effectively rebut counter-arguments.

Representative Matters

On behalf of major wind project developers and the American Wind Energy Association, we build community support for projects in several mid-Atlantic states, as well as counter emotional appeals to pseudo-science, by providing information on wind energy's advantages to economic development officials, targeted legislators and local and national media outlets, including National Public Radio and The New York Times.

The developers of a unique energy transmission link from Long Island to Connecticut, Cross Sound Cable, faced complex political and regulatory hurdles in bringing the completed infrastructure project to sustained operation. Our team launched an integrated strategy involving public advocacy, energy regulatory negotiations, and permitting strategy at the federal and state levels to dismantle the hurdles and bring the project online.

Our team has managed cutting-edge air and emissions issues both on behalf of refineries, utilities, and manufacturers, including Clear Skies legislation, the Clean Air Mercury Rule and the Clean Air Interstate Rule.

We have advocated on behalf of air conditioner manufacturers on national energy legislation.

We manage Capitol Hill public policy on behalf of many industry groups and companies, including CIBO, utilities, refineries and manufacturers.

Our team features experts on climate change policy and represents utilities, energy companies and other groups in shaping policy at the federal level, anticipating climate change litigation and risk strategies.