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Bracewell offers a full range of services to Internet companies and other clients engaged in e-commerce. Our technology attorneys have the capability to help Internet companies in all aspects of their business and at each stage of their development. We have particular experience with start-up companies, assisting with formation as well as angel and venture financings. For clients that are further along in their life cycle, Bracewell provides counsel during mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and other exit events. Furthermore, our attorneys understand the special issues that arise when Internet companies are involved in these sorts of transactions. As our clients grow and develop innovative web offerings, we work closely with our intellectual property attorneys to protect their technologies with patent, copyright and trade secret strategies and to ensure that their brand value is maximized with trademark counseling and prosecution.

Many of our attorneys have lengthy technological and business backgrounds, providing us with a unique understanding of the day-to-day legal needs of Internet companies. We have experience drafting and negotiating specialized online agreements including: terms of service and privacy policies, co-branding and private label contracts, content syndication, linking and all manner of affiliate and other referral arrangements.
We are well-versed in the substantive areas that are likely to arise in legal disputes involving Internet companies. These include patent infringement, online defamation and other communication torts, copyright issues involving user-generated content, domain name and trademark disputes, and others. Many of our attorneys have advanced degrees involving software systems and various networks which they can draw upon to the client's advantage.

Because the law develops quickly in the online arena, staying current is our top priority. Our attorneys have a deep knowledge of the evolving legal and regulatory framework that Internet companies are faced with, such as privacy, data security, consumer protection and taxation. Our technology attorneys regularly write and speak about the most challenging questions of Internet law.