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Independent and private schools face many of the same restrictions and requirements as their public counterparts.  At the same time, they face additional burdens as a result of their unique position as a private entity providing a public service.  Bracewell provides effective guidance to non-public schools in a broad range of matters, from real estate and construction issues, to labor and employment, executive compensation and benefits, technology, data security, data privacy, student discipline and free speech concerns.  

Many independent and private schools operate as tax-exempt entities.  We advise not-for-profit clients on a range of charitable gift and tax-related matters, including establishing and operating charitable foundations, structuring investments to avoid adverse tax consequences, and conducting trust reformation proceedings and tax planning for building endowments such as philanthropic funds, supporting foundations, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.  Likewise, Bracewell attorneys regularly prepare and review gift instruments and provide tax advice to charitable organizations and individuals regarding proposed donations to independent and private schools.