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For more than three decades, Bracewell's federal government relations team has helped clients get their voices heard – and heeded – in our nation’s capital. The firm’s Policy Resolution Group, based in Washington, D.C., provides counsel and services to a broad range of clients in the areas of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, Political Analysis, Strategic Communications, and Legal Representation.

From the halls of Congress and the Executive offices of the White House to the hearing rooms of government agencies, courtrooms, and the pressrooms and blogs of the Fourth Estate, we advise and advocate for our clients on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Appropriations matters
  • Legislative and regulatory strategies
  • Draft legislation and regulation review
  • Issue positioning
  • Executive branch and Congressional advocacy
  • Government contracts positioning
  • Agency comments
  • Regulatory challenges before administrative agencies and federal courts
  • Political counseling
  • Strategic communications

In government relations matters, the shortest distance between goal and achievement is not always a straight line. Our Government Relations team prepares a custom roadmap for each client that circumvents bureaucratic bottlenecks and effectively negotiates the speed bumps in the often mysterious halls of government. Bracewell attorneys apply extensive bipartisan knowledge of complex legislative and regulatory issues with long-established working relationships with key government officials to bring about the best solutions for clients.

In partnership with our government relations practice, our Strategic Communications specialists bring added value to clients with their unique services to improve the public position of clients, including coalition support, crisis communications, issues advocacy, litigation support and media relations.

From Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill and beyond, We Know Washington.

Our government relations services include:

Capitol Hill Advocacy

For many companies and business groups, Bracewell's Government Relations team is their voice on Capitol Hill. Appreciating that every business is unique, our team members develop a comprehensive advocacy strategy that is carefully designed to help each client meet its business objectives.

Executive Branch Advocacy

From the policy-setting offices of the White House, where many legislative initiatives are conceived and drafted by presidential advisors and Cabinet members, to the rule-making chambers of federal agencies, where the all-important contours of the new legislation are drawn, our government relations team has been an effective advocate for clients on a wide range of issues affecting their business operations and objectives.


Bracewell navigates Washington’s complex appropriations process to ensure that our clients’ concerns are favorably considered when funding decisions are made — matching client needs with the political goals of legislators, their committees and their staff.

Consumer Products

Consumer protection is a concern of everyone, not least manufacturers. Bracewell helps consumer product manufacturers keep a proactive pulse on consumer protection issues that resonate within the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the committees of jurisdiction in the U.S. Congress. We also help manage the challenges of unfair competition and safety issues that can arise from overseas importers.

Energy Advocacy

Our team has the relationships and experience to provide effective legislative and agency advocacy for energy clients.  We regularly represent utility, transmission and marketing clients in rulemaking proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Department of Energy. In Congress, we work closely with the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and the House Energy and Commerce Committee to advocate for power and gas clients in the drafting of laws and regulatory compliance measures.

Environmental Advocacy

We help senior corporate leaders shape and address major environmental and energy issues. Our team provides advocacy before federal departments and agencies, congressional relations and media outreach services.

Ethics and Political Law

Participation in the political processes of government, including advocacy and campaign financing, can be a highly effective way for a company or organization to have its voice heard and its policy positions considered by the decision makers in Washington. Both the participant and the decision maker, however, must ensure that ethical boundaries are not inadvertently crossed. With former senior government and political officials on our bipartisan Government Relations team, Bracewell provides clients with sound and practical counsel on an array of ethics issues. Our election law attorneys assist individuals, companies and business associations in successfully pursuing their objectives in the campaign finance arena, consistent with the intricate and often-confusing laws that govern political contributions and related activities.

Financial Services

Bracewell provides comprehensive regulatory and legislative counsel in the area of financial services, helping clients ensure compliance with federal laws that govern the industry and maintain a voice in today's challenging financial climate. Our representation of clients involves working closely with representatives of the Comptroller of the Currency, Federal Reserve Board, FDIC, Office of Thrift Supervision, SEC, FTC and the Department of Justice, among others. We are also in regular contact with key regulators and industry governing bodies such as the NASD, and have an in-depth understanding of their goals and perspectives.


We provide comprehensive services to a diverse group of healthcare clients, including urban and rural healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, major medical research centers, medical equipment suppliers, trade and business associations including tort reform associations, medical device manufacturers and biotechnology companies.

International Trade and Transactions

Bracewell’s Government Relations and Strategic Communications teams, complemented by the firm’s international, government contracts and national security attorneys, help clients negotiate the complex legislative and regulatory grid – and gridlock – that characterizes the arena of international trade and transactions.

National Security and Critical Infrastructure

From Capitol Hill to the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, to the CIA, FBI and TSA, Bracewell successfully advocates for policy and funding issues for clients in the national security and critical infrastructure arena. We identify the key decision-makers, arrange briefings and develop a strategic communications plan to ensure that those decision-makers, as well as the public, understand the critical technologies, products and services our clients provide to help protect Americans at home and abroad.

Renewable Energy

Bracewell helps businesses that develop, finance and market renewable energy take their projects from concept to reality.  We work with renewable energy clients in areas such as wind energy, hydroelectric power generation, biomass, waste to energy, ethanol, solar and hydrogen power. Our in-depth knowledge and skilled advocacy helps shape legislative programs, regulatory compliance strategies and energy policies to our clients’ advantage at all governmental levels.


Bracewell has advocated for clients in connection with every federal tax bill proposed in the U.S. Congress since 1981, including the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, and obtained beneficial tax credits, deductions and depreciation changes.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Bracewell is suited to provide government relations services in the areas of transportation and major infrastructure. Our team members, including two former Members of Congress who served on the House committees overseeing transportation, public works, infrastructure and rail, have particular insight on the policy and funding challenges in this area.