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As an energy-industry leader, Bracewell helps energy companies and their lenders around the world to successfully develop, restructure, purchase and sell energy assets and projects.  Our lawyers serve as counsel in a variety of leveraged finance deals, reserve-based loans, Eurobond offerings, debt restructurings, bridge loans and syndicated credit facilities.  

Our attorneys help energy-trading companies take advantage of credit-enhanced structures in which lenders provide a "credit sleeve" for supply purchases.  Bracewell has advised numerous clients, including Reliant Energy and Calpine Corporation, on these complex credit-sleeve arrangements.  We have also helped energy trading companies to structure hedging facilities for both natural gas and electricity supply.  On the lender side, we recently advised the energy-trading arm of a bank in a secured gas hedging and credit sleeve transaction for a major retail gas supplier.

In more conventional financings, we have advised banks on financing pipeline leases, offshore production platforms, and oil and gas properties, and have been especially active in advising banks as agents in syndicated reserve-based credit facilities.  For industry borrowers, we have structured a wide range of sophisticated financing arrangements, including:

  • Mezzanine and commercial bank financing for oil and gas producers and midstream companies
  • Project financing for liquid natural gas (LNG) storage facilities, power-generation projects, renewable energy and other electric utility construction
  • Credit facilities for energy exploration and production companies, oilfield service companies, and petrochemical companies and refiners.