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The purpose of Congressional oversight is to ensure that government programs operate as authorized. However, oversight and investigation takes place in a far broader context that affects the public image of a corporation, creates risk of criminal and civil prosecution, and sets the stage for further legislative and regulatory activity. Therefore, it is critically important for a corporation that finds itself a target of such Congressional action to be prepared and well represented.

Our Congressional Investigations team draws on the experience of our white collar defense attorneys who have served as senior attorneys at the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and U.S. Attorney's offices. Some members of our team themselves have testified before Congress and have a first-hand understanding of how to prepare for and testify at Congressional hearings. This experience has earned us the abiding trust of clients who have been subject to Congressional inquiries. We have represented clients across the spectrum of Congressional inquiry, including:

  • Public companies targeted in parallel Congressional, civil and criminal investigations and lawsuits
  • Corporate coalitions and trade associations subjected to oversight investigation
  • Business sectors whose main product is the focus of a Congressional inquiry
  • Private individuals drawn into public investigations of family members
  • Senior Members of Congress and caucus leadership undergoing non-public or public ethics inquiries
  • Senior leadership in the Executive Branch facing oversight investigation

Our work depends on the unique situation facing each client. Depending on the matter, we handle briefing and preparation of clients called to testify before Congress; negotiation of the rules of engagement with the relevant Congressional committee; briefings and responses to Committee chairs, ranking members and staff; document review and production; rebutting of complaints; drafting opening statements for witnesses; conducting witness interviews; cross-examination of Committee witnesses; and advice during televised testimony. Our team is also adept and experienced at leading the response and outreach to the media where necessary.