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Often, an issue of concern to a client holds importance for others in the same or a related industry, or to the client’s geographical neighbors. Because much truth resides in the old adage, “there’s strength in numbers,” where appropriate, we assist our clients in obtaining support for their positions by organizing like-minded businesses, industry associations and other parties into one cohesive, powerful voice. We then develop and implement communications strategies that ensure that a unified message is heard by key government officials and in targeted media outlets. Our clients find that our coalition support services add important third-party credibility to their positions.

Representative Matters

We have built numerous utility industry coalitions supporting companies across the country in siting new power plants, including the Electric Reliability Coordinating Council (ERCC).

Our team manages the Coalition for Safe and Responsible ATV Use and also the Coalition for Breathing Safety.

We manage a regional wind energy coalition to handle siting and policy challenges.

We are frequently called upon to build informal coalitions centered on particular issues, such as ethanol development, biofuels mandates, and the fabrics and power tool industries.

We run industry-wide coalitions to address the policy and media aspects of climate change issues.