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Climate change means many things to many people. But all stakeholders in the climate change debate increasingly recognize the necessity of communicating their interests to officials on Capitol Hill, in government agencies, within industry, and in the mainstream and trade media.

Engaging with stakeholders has become crucial for a wide range of businesses and organizations. Energy producers and suppliers, project developers, public companies of all stripes, and technology developers – from cutting-edge technologists to companies with established technologies already embedded in infrastructure and energy systems – are keen to communicate their green credentials and accomplishments or defend themselves against unwarranted criticism, litigation or regulation.

In a world in which climate change considerations are increasingly a part of public debate and governmental concern, our strategic communications advisors work with businesses to avoid controversy, communicate positions successfully and manage public relations issues that may affect profitability and public opinion. In addition to our strong relationships with major media outlets, we help engage with lawmakers and agencies that influence legislation, and react to regulatory and enforcement actions related to climate change.

We monitor emerging and ongoing legal, regulatory and business issues pertaining to climate change, such as major project development initiatives, industrial enforcement actions, citizen suits and Endangered Species Act lawsuits, and public company disclosure issues. Our attorneys help clients obtain high-profile media and editorial placements in business, trade and mainstream publications. Similarly, a number of our professionals are frequent commentators on CNN, C-SPAN, CNBC, PBS, Fox and other national news networks, speaking on a range of business and legal topics.

When unforeseen crises arise, our media experts help clients take effective, immediate action to minimize the potential negative impact of media scrutiny and public exposure. We consult with key officers and executives, help develop rapid-response teams, create point-by-point rebuttals of inaccurate, sound bite-driven headlines, and implement broad-based awareness strategies. These strategies include targeted press releases, public outreach, community and stakeholder meetings, legislative and agency testimony, and other communications methodologies.

Selected Experience

Supported industry groups with media outreach leading up to and following oral arguments and decisions in Massachusetts v. EPA, including op-eds, blogs and television, as well as in connection with numerous other Clean Air Act-related lawsuits and developments.

Work with industry coalition to provide knowledgeable point-of-contact for climate change policy developments for national, regional and trade press outlets.

Represented major corporations in developing and implementing public outreach to characterize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the context of the development of major new coal-fired power plants in Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and elsewhere.

Described carbon benefits for a coalition of major wind-energy developers in the Middle Atlantic region in developing and implementing high-level media relations on behalf of individual projects as well as the overall issue of energy-project development in the region.

Worked with transmission line developers to address local concerns raised by industrial development issues, including linkage of project development to efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Managed a wind energy coalition to handle siting and policy challenges throughout the Middle Atlantic states.

Handle strategic media advice and counsel for major energy trade associations and companies, including utilities, refiners and wind developers, to help them better formulate media messages and engage with reporters and journalists.