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Cleantech is a new industry formed from our society's increasing focus on alternative sources of energy and environmental protection concerns. Cleantech companies develop products or services that enhance performance, productivity or efficiency while significantly lowering energy consumption, waste or pollution. Examples include water purification, solar and wind energy, non-toxic materials used in construction, and biofuels.

Bracewell's attorneys have vast, real-world experience in technology, science and engineering. Our Cleantech legal team includes lawyers with advanced degrees in biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology and physics, as well as chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering. The majority of these attorneys have also spent years working in these fields for major public and private companies, research institutions and regulatory agencies. This experience, when combined with our attorneys' recognized strength in intellectual property law, allows our attorneys to provide legal services that are specifically tailored to our clients' needs.

As Houston's leading Cleantech IP group, we advise clients in all aspects of intellectual property law, including technology protection – such as enforcement of technology rights, technology-based agreements, including licensing, joint venture, asset purchase, distribution, and joint marketing technology agreements. Our cross-disciplinary team counsels companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startups with regard to company formation, debt and equity financing, environmental and regulatory matters, mergers and acquisitions, and dispute resolution and litigation. 

Our firm's Cleantech practice attorneys counsel businesses involved in renewable energy, biofuels, solar energy and water purification. In collaboration with our clients, we identify, protect, control and enhance the valuable intellectual assets that result from research and development projects.