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Our lawyers defend business and corporate clients against class action litigation involving products liability, environmental, toxic tort, securities or similar claims.  We represent employers against alleged discrimination and violations of wage-and-hour laws, publicly held companies and investment firms against shareholder and derivative claims, and manufacturers against product liability and toxic tort litigation involving asbestos, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and numerous other products.

We have the resources and experience to address the most complex scientific, technical and multi-jurisdictional issues.  We assess the merits of the case quickly, and aggressively seek to dismiss the suit or restrict the plaintiffs' claims on legal grounds.  Trials may be long and expensive; we are prepared to conclude a settlement if that is in the client’s best interests. 

When cases move to trial, we mount a knowledgeable yet practical defense against plaintiffs’ emotional appeals directed at “deep pockets” defendants.  Through efficient and cost-effective large-docket management tools and processes, we manage the volume and the repetitive nature of such claims.  Our use of technology ranges from the use of extranets for client communication to computer-generated demonstrative evidence, information databases and other case-management systems.