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The Basis Points Blog: Restructuring and Investing with a Smile!

October 20, 2010

Bracewell & Giuliani is pleased to announce our newest blog, Basis Points. Basis Points provides timely and succinct commentary on matters of interest (and amusement) to the restructuring, distressed debt, investing, and lending communities. Check back weekly for our latest offerings!

The Blog is divided into three columns.

1) "Points" includes insightful commentary on developments in the financial world that can influence whether a particular investment or loan is a goldmine or a sinkhole. Current entries include, "Big Boys Don't Cry, But Fraudsters Do," about the enforceability of "big boy" letters and representations, and "Yo, That's My Electricity!" about whether the sale of electricity is a "sale of goods" under the Bankruptcy Code.

2) "Poems" is a collection of haiku and other short poems commenting wryly on the financial world, such as:

Basis Points

80 basis points
They really call that a spread?
Oversubscribed, sigh

3) "People" tells the real story about Bracewell's blog contributors, for example: "As Blogger-in-Chief, Evan Flaschen, approaches his office in his signature Tommy Bahamas shirt, shorts and sandals, the classic Ozzy Osbourne song "Crazy Train" is cranked to 11."

So log on early and often to Basis Points, which you can access at basis-points.com or via the Blogs page on our website, bgllp.com. You can also follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our RSS feed.