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Bracewell in the News

Jeff Holmstead Talks to Houston Public Radio about Energy and Environmental Issues

December 29, 2006

Houston’s KUHF-FM (Dec. 29, 2006) reported that Bracewell & Giuliani partner Jeff Holmstead will head the firm’s newly formed Environmental Strategies Practice Group, which will advise clients on major environmental and energy issues. When asked to comment on whether Texas is a good candidate to house one of FutureGen project’s experimental coal regasification plants, Mr. Holmstead said,  "I think Texas is one of the leading candidates. We really will need transformational technologies to allow us to produce power in a way that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is one of those issues that’s not going to be resolved in the next decade or the next 20 years, it’s something we’ve got to be collectively looking at over the next 50 years.”

FutureGen is a project of the United States government to build a "near zero-emissions" coal-fired power plant that intends to produce hydrogen and electricity while using carbon capture and storage.