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SEC and Climate Change Breakfast

Houston, Texas
Tue, 12/04/2007

Join Bracewell & Giuliani for a breakfast program that explores an important new regulatory concern: scrutinizing the climate change disclosures of public companies in the energy sector.

7:30 - 9:00 am

Topics to be covered:

  • New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's recent investigation of five energy companies: Were financial risks associated with coal fired plants adequately addressed in corporate environmental disclosures?
  • Recent congressional hearings on corporate reporting of climate change: Must companies include more disclosure on carbon risk?
  • Will the SEC begin requiring publicly traded companies to assess and fully disclose their financial risks related to climate change?
  • What steps can business leaders take to assess and control potential exposure from their recent securities filings?
  • What do these trends mean for the upcoming 10-K season?

Speakers will include former EPA officials, securities and environmental specialists, and members of our White Collar Criminal Defense team.

Alternate Location
Dallas, TX - December 6, 2007

One hour of Texas CLE credit pending.

Please contact Tammy Pitts at 713.221.1257 or tammy.pitts@bgllp.com