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Immigration Law Breakfast: H-1B Visas and Protecting the H-1B Employer

Houston, Texas
Wed, 02/27/2008

Bracewell & Giuliani LLP cordially invites you to join us on February 27, 2008 for an Immigration Breakfast on H-1B Visas and Protecting the H-1B Employer.

Victoria Garcia and Nelli Niokova will present "H-1B Visas and Protecting the H-1B Employer."

Topics to include:

  • When to file a new petition for an H-1B employee.
  • Specialty occupation and prevailing wage issues.
  • The dangers of putting H-1B employees in nonproductive status.
  • Are you an H-1B dependent employer?
  • Compliance with the LCA requirements and maintaining the Public Access File.
  • Employer obligations in terminating an H-1B employee, avoiding back wages and penalties.
  • Who pays the fees to the DHS?
  • Avoiding the visa cap trap.

Questions- Please contact Denise Juarez at denise.juarez@bgllp.com or 210-299-3419


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