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Global Distressed Investing Summit

New York, New York
Mon, 01/28/2008 - Tue, 01/29/2008
Global Distressed Investing Summit

Capitalizing on Distressed Opportunities Worldwide

Evan Flaschen will serve as the conference chairman.

Marc Mukasey will serve as the keynote speaker.

Mark Joachim will moderate the panel discussion "First and Second Liens:  Shall the Twain Ever Meet?"

Presentation Description
When originally borrowed or issued, first and second lien debt typically have the same Administrative Agent, similar Credit Agreements, an "interesting" Intercreditor Agreement, and cross-over lenders. But when default strikes, the "cozy" interrelationships do not always seem so cozy anymore. This panel will address practical issues in restructurings, including the role(s) of a shared Administrative Agent, the involvement of ad hoc lender groups, and the dynamics of intercreditor negotiations.

Conference Highlights Include:

  • Innovative Strategies for trading distressed loans
  • The increasing influence of hedge funds on the marketplace
  • The intricacies of distressed multi-national corporations based in the US and Europe
  • How to capitalize on distressed opportunities in China
  • What the new Chapter 15 law means to you
  • The pros and cons of investing offshore in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda
  • Where investors should be looking in foreign markets
  • The outlook for first and second lien markets


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