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Force Majeure Webinar

Houston, Texas
Tue, 07/14/2009
Force Majeure Webinar

Webinar: It's hurricane season, big winds can cause big losses.

Please join us for a Webinar on Force Majeure in Energy Trading Agreements.
Webinar presented by Jessica Adkins, Stan Jensen, Chris Olive and David Perlman.

Force Majeure Webinar Topics to Include:

  • Interpretation of Force Majeure Claims
    An overview of general principles that courts apply in the interpretation of claims.
  • Common Force Majeure Clauses
    A review of physical power, gas and oil commodity contract provisions.
  • Market Participants
    A discussion of the different interests of each category of market participant.
  • Force Majeure Events
    Likely force majeure scenarios - such as severe weather and infrastructure failures, how each scenario affects market participants, and how different contracts treat each scenario.
  • Mechanics of Claiming Force Majeure
    A discussion of necessary actions for a party claiming force majeure.

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Credit Information
1.00 hour of Continuing Legal Education pending for the State Bar of Texas and the State Bar of New York.

Please contact Elizabeth Charpiot at elizabeth.charpiot@bgllp.com or 713.221.1457.


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